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Tristate Arcs

As of December 31, 2014, the NYC Building code requires, that an in building auxiliary radio communications system be installed and maintained in all newly-constructed high rise buildings. In response to the new code, professionals from across the life safety industry teamed together and formed the Tristate ARCS Association known as the TAA.

Our Mission

TAA was established with a mission and goal to educate and assist life safety professionals with the all-new phenomenon called ARCS. The TAA serves as an informational resource center for everything related to ARCS. We constantly monitor all the latest developments relating to ARCS to keep our members informed and up to date. TAA also serves as a central hub for ARCS to ensure greater transparency and collaboration between all parties involved in ARCS manufacturing, development and installation. We collaborate with the NYC DOB and FDNY as well, to ensure that all ARCS meet their high standards and requirements.

We also provide training seminars to ensure that the industry is not lacking skill and professionals that have the know-how and expertise to properly install and maintain ARCS. We offer the following certifications: Certified ARCS Installers, and Certified Radio Operator License. Our goal is to bring professionalism, precision and safety into the world of ARCS.



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